I’m Aishwar Babber, a straight-talking, 20-something blogger and affiliate marketer. 

And just like you, I love having the freedom to work for myself. In fact freedom is something that is hugely important to me. It impacts almost all of my decisions. 

I’ve been self-employed since 2015 so you’d have thought that by now I’d be a millionaire right? That’s what everyone likes to tell you. That if you follow their miracle formula you too could be earning 6-figures overnight. Well here’s the truth: most people take a very long time to ‘make it’. Some never make it. Some return to employment because it’s easier than doing it on their own. Others keep plodding on wondering what they’re doing wrong.

But then there are others. Like me. And hopefully like you.

I have no desire to take over the world. I value freedom over financials. I would prefer to spend time with family and friends, going on adventures and hiking in stunning parts of the world. Sure making 6-figures would be nice. But here’s what I’ve realised is more important to me – and perhaps you feel this way too:

  • I want to build a brand that I feel proud of
  • I want to help my clients build businesses that they feel proud of too
  • I want to have integrity and honesty
  • I want people to buy from me because they like me and know I will do my very best to help them 
  • I want to charge what I’m worth
  • I want to spend my life doing as many fun and crazy things as I can
  • I want to be me

Success is how you define it. It’s not a figure you have to earn. I define success as having the freedom to live life on my terms. And I’m on a mission to help other small business owners experience that same sense of freedom. But however you define success, I am here to help you achieve it.

You are the perfect combination of being authentic but not fluffy, go-getting but genuine. Do *not* change!
Helen Reynolds, The Ink Gardener
You are excellent at what you do and your website and postings do give the rest of us a lift and hope of success!
​Lee Jones, Free Motor Legal
Like you, I want to be honest, give value but most of all, see the transformation in the person I’m working with.
Cynthia Sillars

So you want the back story? Nice. I like curious people. 

Way back when….

  • I got a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, followed by a few years of experience in digital marketing and SEO- because I have always been online properties and assets.
  • I started my career at the age of 18, while I was completing my schooling. I got to do double shifts with classes in the morning and work at night. It was terribly glamorous.
  • Then I got into college to study Informational Technology and also started a tech blog for my side hustle: GizmoBase.com.
  • I met Jitendra Vaswani via Facebook, who was already hustling and building his personal brand. I started working with him on Bloggersideas.com
  • Since then we have been working together towards building our online assets and developing our skills.
  • In October 2021, we acquired Campfire Communications and since then we have started growing this website by sharing content filled with our knowledge about marketing and SEO.

What online assets do we own now?

As of now we have many online projects including niches sites, authority blogs, tech blogs, and more. Some of our invested assets include:

Feel free to tell me about you. Get in touch, share your story and I may feature it on my blog.